Get Ready for The Next Season of Grimm Season 2

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Get Ready for The Next Season of Grimm Season 2

Mensagem por FeliciteDolly em Qua 15 Ago 2012 - 5:10

After viewing the pilot of
grimmseason1dvd,Ithink it has a lot of potential.Get ready for Grimm season 2.Yes it follows the tried and true formula of expose modern individual to some sort of secret war/history/duty/etc, but there is a lot they can do with it from there. It did its job as a pilot: introduce characters, introduce conflict, and give you the general idea how the episodes will go. I think it is about time we had a new show that runs the good old man vs. monster bit, especially one that isn't prone to becoming some touchy-feely teen drama. While its too early to judge the show as a whole, it promises good things. I hope it delivers.

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